Appeals and Needed Goods

Shoebox appeal

Dear Friends, My apologies for the delay this year for those of you who support our shoe box appeal.

This year our shoe boxes are for Yemen (partly due to the difficulty of getting supplies to our projects in Romania – apart from funding, which we continue to send.) Also in response to the dire need in Yemen.

So to comply with customs- no food in the boxes please, and no liquids (which need special packing to can cause spillage and general mess!!).

In a shoebox or bag:  bar soap, toothpaste, brushes, flannel, small towel, colouring book and pencils.

Food is very welcome as there are 6 million people starving, but as 5 or 10kg bags of rice or pasta please. In a 40 foot container small amounts of anything cause customs difficulties. So we will stick to as few categories as possible.

God bless you


Items always needed

We always need items to supply to the needs of our many projects.

If possible, please deliver to either our shops or the warehouse. Please contact us to arrange a time and place.

Most Urgent: 

Wheelchairs, Walking Frames, incontinence pads.


Packet soup powder, packet pasta/spaghetti
dried lentils, peas, beans, dried fruit, sugar
milk powder, dried baby food,

craft work

Complan, Horlicks
vitamin tablets, calcium, iron tablets, cod liver oil capsules, etc.


New exercise books, new felt tip pens, crayons coloured pencils, new colouring books
glue, paints, paint brushes, coloured card,
coloured paper, gummed shapes
photocopy paper, envelopes

cotton wool, bandages, incontinence pads, neck collars
splints, wrist & ankle supports, medical corsets
breast prostheses and support bras, wigs
Tens machines, aromatherapy items
examination gloves, catheters, swabs, dressings
syringes, needles, equipment in full working order
Plastic mattress covers, as new plastic covered mattresses, bed pans.

Some of the youngsters in their wheelchairs

urine bottles, barrier creams, talcum powder, air rings
any aids for the disabled such as special cutlery, feeding cups
exercise machines, walking frames, wheelchairs
disinfectant, hand wash liquid, washing powder

Sewing machines in working order, embroidery silks and kits,
rug making wools, knitting wool, knitting machines, craft kits

soap, toothbrushes and paste
new trainers, new wellington boots
new socks and new underwear
single sheets (especially white) and single blankets, good towels

Items to sell in the shop

unused toiletries, good bric-a-brac, unwanted gifts, as new toys and games
jewellery, as new curtains/bedding, dictionaries
new translation Bibles, Christian books
wedding dresses, hats, men’s dress suits, etc
anything to do with the armed forces (uniforms, badges, pictures books, etc)
bikes in good condition – any size