Visiting Patients confined to Home!

Judit and Imo with a patient at home
Judit and Imo with a patient at home

Medicare is a home care nursing project run by Dr Judit Finna, started in 1991 by JOY supporting this family doctor who was struggling to care for needy patients, without the means to do so. There was no medical provision for those over 60 or chronically ill, and there is still little or no care or alleviation; many receive a derisory pension or non at all and cannot even afford paracetamol never mind the other essential medicines, dressings or food!

From small beginnings and with our funding and supplies, Judit has developed a committed team of wonderful nurses, some of whom we pay salaries, others are cheerful volunteers.

What they do

Hunor at work
Physio-nurse Hunor on a home visit

They provide loving care for between 200 and 300 elderly & chronically ill patients confined to their homes: giving bed baths, dressing ulcers, making sure there is food in the house, and helping with rehabilitation where possible. Without them there is little or no care or alleviation and many would die at home alone without any treatment: the home care nurse may still be the only person they see.


JOY bought a flat and paid for its conversion into a purpose designed clinic where Dr Judit and the nurses treat mobile patients. It is bright and welcoming, the authorities are impressed with the high standards and the patients receive loving care. Those who are able attend for dressings, medication and advice.

What a change from the old mud brick house where it all began: another joyful miracle which the patients really appreciate! In fact Medicare was 4th in a competition for Practice of the Year in the whole of the Carpathian region (Romania, Ukraine, Slovenia & Croatia) – they got the most recommendations from patients; which indicates the high level of love and care they provide.