needy kids
an image that inspired us

JOY began working in Romania in response to pictures of thousands of needy orphaned children suddenly seen after the revolution at the end of 1989. Over the years, we have helped to set up self help groups for needy people, through determined Romanians, who wanted to somehow help in the many desperate situations of hunger, medical and physical need:

  1. In Targu Mures, central Transylvania, we encouraged Dr Maria Petho in her work to help handicapped youngsters, and helped to set up and buy a day care centre and so “Clever Hands” began;
  2. We helped Doctor Judit Finna begin her home care work for the hundreds of needy, elderly, sick in her area, and this became the charity and clinic: “Medicare”;
  3. We worked with Dr Iren Nagy to set up rehabilitation for the many physically disabled people who came to her ill equipped hospital for help, and out of this was born the “Rheumcare” centre;

BBC Inside out Documentary

JOY appeared in this “BBC inside out” episode, where Sally Young followed the journey of her old artificial limb to see how it could change a life!

Download the movie (20.3MB)