Summer 2020 Newsletter


The situation in the Yemen is tragic, now the coronavirus epidemic is added to their woes with the continuing war, the resulting lack of clean water creating the worst cholera epidemic known. Receiving an Aquabox containing supplies and a water filter to provide clean drinking water can be a life saver and is very much appreciated. Trying to social distance and wash your hands in most refugee camps is impossible. The medical needs are enormous and the medical teams working hard to help in such appalling situations are struggling with a lack of supplies. Our contacts there are so appreciative of all we are trying to do to help them and wrote: “Thank you for your prayers and support for our brothers and sisters in Yemen. What a great blessing, thank you.

(Photos above: Aquaboxes being received by families in a refugee camp)

Medicare in Romania

Medicare nurse Imo dressing a varicose ulcer

Our home care nursing colleagues in Targu Mures are overwhelmed. Dr Judit Finna writes “It went very well that you are thinking about us and helping us in these difficult times. Besides your huge financial aid we have almost only your disinfectant, gloves and masks. Here we cannot get any. Work is very tense with every 10 minutes new (mostly conflicting) rules.
But so far the whole Medicare team, has been up and running it wouldn’t have been possible without you. God bless and keep you”

Clever Hands: Maini Dibace

3 of the youngsters proudly show their special T shirts

From the project for disabled young people in Targu Mures, Orsi writes: “On May 10th we restarted the day centre, everybody was very happy. There are a lot of restrictions, but the youngsters like it a lot“. The sheltered home (the Peter House) stayed open but with great difficulty; Orsi delivered food, and Zuszi Zsolt . moved there from being isolated at home in small one roomed family flats. She says: “The youngsters after the long stay at home are very enthusiastic in doing everything and anything! Thank you for the money. God bless and keep you

Our warehouse with goods ready to palletise for shipping

During these very difficult times, we see parts of our world where the situation is only compounding an already serious one. We do our best, with your support to help where we feel we can do most good. We have just sent a load of urgent supplies to help our colleagues in Romania in their vital work, and in a few weeks will send a 4th container of vital aid to the Yemen. Please contact us (details on our website or phone or email) if you can help with medical supplies, soap and basic dried food: 5kg bags of rice, beans or pasta. God bless and keep you all.

Give thanks:

  • For the support we have received after the flooding from upstairs premises have devastated our Shipley shop.
  • For our colleagues working in such difficult situations in Romania and the Yemen.

Please Pray:

  • The safety and health of those working to help the needy in war torn Yemen and in Romania where the weak go to the wall.
  • For volunteers to help us continue our work