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Autumn/Winter 2023 Newsletter

Yemen Our colleagues in Yemen report “the explosive remnants of war continue to claim lives with unknown numbers of landmines. Taiz is beseiged and fighting around the city betyween theHouthis and the government troups. The Yemeni church helps wherever they can and the Yemen Christian Alliance take medical supplies to loacl clinics as soon as […]

Summer 2023 Newsletter

Ukraine The situation in Ukraine is disastrous for so many of the population, many injured, many with homes destroyed, and loved ones killed. Trying to cope without running water, even drinking from puddles, unable to wash, or afford food. The hospitals are overwhelmed with the injured and sick, and the staff so grateful for medical […]

Winter 2022/2023 Newsletter

Ukraine Dealing with so many terrible war injuries with insufficient resources must be any medic’s nightmare. Here Dr Ivan Klymmnyuk receives some of the supplies we are able to send over with Tim Marsden and his merry men from Huddersfield. He is a surgeon at a hospital in Kyiv. Any medical supplies are so welcome- […]

Autumn 2022 Newsletter

Yemen The world’s worst humanitarian disaster is largely forgotten: 23 million people in need of aid, 11 million starving, and aid support dwindles as the focus is on Ukraine. So here we load our 8th 40 foot container, thanks to your generosity. Our contacts there wrote “The distribution (of the last load) brought great happiness […]

Spring 2022 Newsletter

Yemen Recent months have an excalation in the 7 year war inflicted on the Yemeni people. While more are dying in the violence, more are vulnerable to death from disease, and . starvation. As the Russian attacks on the Ukraine have pushed fuel prices and therefore food prices up so much that millions face starvation. […]

Autumn 2021 Newsletter

Yemen Here are some of the wonderful boxes containing water filters and humanitarian aid, about to be shared out from the 5th JOY container, to some of the many displaced families. The 6th 40 foot container has arrived safely. Thank you to all who donated goods and funds to enable us to fill it with […]

Summer 2021 Newsletter

Yemen The recent and 5th aid container has been cleared, after additional paperwork was demanded, and the contents will be distributed as soon as possible. So much need for so many people must pose serious difficulties as to who should receive help. The joy of getting a wheelchair can be seen in this young disabled […]

Spring 2021 Newsletter

Yemen suffering increases with the pandemic Lack of medical facilities, lack of water, and lack of vaccine mean many more people will succumb, dying of covid 19, of cholera and starving to death. It is amazing to hear that as the despair of Yemenis increase our partners continue to offer hope and provide relief. But […]

Autumn/Winter Newsletter 2020/2021

Heroes in dangerous situtations In Yemen they wrote: “We thank you for your caring heart. Our Yemeni brothers and sisters will be so grateful to receive the container. While the news is quite grim we are thankful that it has not yet impacted the port, our team, or distributions. Our local team works diligently to […]

Summer 2020 Newsletter

Yemen The situation in the Yemen is tragic, now the coronavirus epidemic is added to their woes with the continuing war, the resulting lack of clean water creating the worst cholera epidemic known. Receiving an Aquabox containing supplies and a water filter to provide clean drinking water can be a life saver and is very […]

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