Autumn 2022 Newsletter


The world’s worst humanitarian disaster is largely forgotten: 23 million people in need of aid, 11 million starving, and aid support dwindles as the focus is on Ukraine. So here we load our 8th 40 foot container, thanks to your generosity. Our contacts there wrote “The distribution (of the last load) brought great happiness and joy to people in poverty, displacement disease, and hardship. The shelter boxes brought hope to those displaced from their homes, and wheelchairs and crutches brought freedom and mobility to those with special needs.” Your generosity makes this possible.

In all the horrors of the war Christians face arrest, torture or assassination; pray for courage and wisdom, and for the church supporting them. Please pray for church members who risk so much to help those in need, and thank God for the water filters helping the fight against cholera, diphtheria etc.

Romania in Tirgu Mures

Medicare (home care nursing)

Dr Finna writes “Fear penetrates, and the mood is war. We have been asked for lists of young people who can be classified and we also provide shelters and how to rescue those for whom we are responsible. Now we have to give out prescriptions for iodine in case of radioactive attack. Thank you so much for the funding and for your incredible care. We think of you every day and are praying for you.
We have since heard that nurse Eva’s brain tumour has recurred. Investigations are ongoing- please pray for her; she is in the photo with her mother. She doesn’t want to undergo another such operation.

Clever Hands day care for disabled young people

Orsi e mailed “Here everything is fine. We had a very nice summer camp and now we are back in the daycare centre with new clients and plans for new programmes. The Peter House (the sheltered home) all is ok. No change in the inhabitants. In the last years we received many, requests; there are many youngsters who need a residential home there would be more new ones if we had space. But we must say no. Thank you for the money. All the times miracles . God bless you”


A family receiving some essentials supplies. We are happy to load a van every few weeks which Tim Marsden drives out into the Ukraine. The needs are basic foods, analgesics, first aid kits, blankets and boots for the soldiers who are on their uppers, some wearing flip flops or trainers! We are also sending medical supplies, (bandages, dressings all urgently needed) wheelchairs, crutches, etc for the hospitals . There is a great need for warm clothing for the winter, for sleeping bags and blankets, Thank you, they are so grateful for all we send.

Give Thanks

  • For the generosity of so many, making our work possible.
  • For our friends and colleagues in Romania, Ukraine and Yemen, and all their work in spite of great difficulties.

Please pray

  • For peace and justice in both Yemen and Ukraine
  • For more staff to help us to run JOY, and for wisdom for our future plans.
  • Pray for healing for Nurse Eva, and that she will know great blessing.