Winter 2022/2023 Newsletter


Dealing with so many terrible war injuries with insufficient resources must be any medic’s nightmare. Here Dr Ivan Klymmnyuk receives some of the supplies we are able to send over with Tim Marsden and his merry men from Huddersfield. He is a surgeon at a hospital in Kyiv. Any medical supplies are so welcome- expiry dates no object; the need is paramount. Below, two soldiers pack their van with supplies to take up to military hospital which has many patients from the 51st battalion at the eastern frontline. The weather has deteriorated markedly since then, and they are coping with snow storms and icy conditions. We are sending boots and under layers to go under soldier’s fatigues, as well as wool socks, gloves, black or dark balaclava helmets, and warm coats for families who have lost nearly everything when their homes were bombed. They need torches (with batteries), candle wax to make a fire in a tin as a small stove to boil kettles etc  and instant pasta etc, cuppa soups etc Thank you everyone who made up Christmas parcels for soldiers- they are wonderful, just what we asked for and will be so welcome. Contact me for details of required contents.


After 8 years of civil war between the Saudi backed Yemen government and the Houthi rebels, the country has the  largest humanitarian crisis in the world. 150,000 people have died, countless thousands injured and millions lack clean water and adequate food. The country is now running out of water, and the lack of clean water poses a constant threat of cholera.

The fragile 6 month truce ended in October, please pray for the UN efforts towards a lasting peace for this ravaged country. Our eighth 40 foot container of vital  aid unloaded successfully and is being distributed. Meanwhile thousands of Christians are imprisoned, persecuted or killed.

Clever Hands

Here one of the youngsters enjoys art therapy.

Orsi writes that one of their minibuses (essential for transporting disabled youngsters) has died. They are trying to cope using their cars, which takes up much valuable time. They have many new clients and a re crowded in the day care centre, with very little space for so many. So they are “working intensively towards opening a second one”!!! Please pray this brave and imaginative dream will be achieved by the wonderful and hard working team, who have achieved so much


Judit Finna writes that the team are all well and working hard, except Eva  who is waiting for her operation in Budapest for recurring brain tumour, but is waiting until her disabled husband has his hip operation. Judit’s mum recovered from her hip fracture to fall and badly break her arm. They are managing but all ask for our prayers. The photo shows nurse Imo .doing a home care visit.

Give thanks

  • For the amazing work done by all our friends

Please pray

  • For health and safety for our colleagues in hard places, and for peace in Yemen and Ukraine.