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Spring 2020 Newsletter

Yemen             This shows the distribution of the Aquaboxes we sent to people in a refugee camp. The 3rd JOY container has arrived safely in the port of Aden and is now going through their customs. Our contact said “We do not have words to thank you for all your hard efforts to help the people […]

Winter 2019/2020 Newsletter

Medicare Christmas: Romania Thank you to all those who gave such beautiful Christmas food parcels for housebound and destitute old people like Maria. Sadly some don’t have enough money for food as well as heating and your lovely gifts are so very welcome. Sadly it may be the only Christmas present some of them receive. […]

Autumn 2019 Newsletter

Christmas is coming soon to Romania!!! Well not really- but we need to get our Christmas load off by early November. Our Romanian friends: Dr Finna and the nurses who run Medicare, caring for many housebound patients, appreciate the lovely Christmas parcels of food we send for needy patients. Each parcel, so lovingly  put together […]

Summer 2019 Newsletter

 More aid for the Yemen Our second container left here in May: a 40 footer with 15 tons of vital aid: Aquaboxes with water filters, artificial limbs, wheelchairs, crutches, walking frames, bandages etc, hospital supplies, dried food, (rice, baby food etc) and hundreds of lovely knitted blankets. Thank you all who helped, who gave supplies […]

Spring 2019 Newsletter

Help for the Yemen: the world’s worst humanitarian disaster The world’s worst famine in over a century has cost the lives of over 38,000 under 5 year olds in this war torn country. We intend packing a second 40 foot container in April, YV wrote “We are really so proud of your sincere love for […]

Winter 2018/19 Newsletter

The JOY container of aid successfully delivered to Yemen The container of humanitarian aid seen here being loaded on a local truck in the Yemen, is being delivered to some of the desperate people in the world’s worst humanitarian disaster. One of our contacts, e mailed :”I assure you every single thing you sent is […]

Autumn 2018 Newsletter

Loading the container for the Yemen at the JOY warehouse The container of humanitarian aid for the desperate people of Yemen has arrived at the port, and is being delayed for bureaucratic reasons which are taking time to sort out. How tragic when 78.5%, of the people including 11 million children desperately need aid. Please […]

Summer 2018 Newsletter

Medicare celebrate 25 years of loving care! Val and I were thrilled to be part of their special day in May, and it was lovely to see old friends who came from Italy, Germany and Switzerland for a lovely day of prayer and thanksgiving in their local church. Medicare is doing wonderful work with the […]

Spring 2018 Newsletter

Medicare thank you! Our colleagues are so grateful to all those who make the beautiful Christmas food parcels. They arrived in time to be delivered to those in need for Christmas, and helped to make Christmas special for a lot of poor and desperate old people, and for the disabled, for whom the staff provide […]

Winter 2017/18 newsletter

Christmas Greetings from our friends in Romania for all the beautiful Christmas food parcels. They arrived safely and earlier than expected, just in advance of heavy snow in the mountains en route, to the delight of our colleagues who care for the needy, and love to be able to take a Christmas gift with their […]

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